Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hauli (Dalbergia Odorifera)

Status: Vulnerable (Threatened) and available.

Other Common Names: Haunghauli, Xinhauli,  Flowering Yellow Pear

Found in Southern China and Northern parts of Vietnam and Thailand, these members of the Fabaceae family (Dalbergia) can grow to 30-45 feet in height and ??? feet in diameter. .

Color can vary between species from Reddish Browns and Yellows. unlike many Dalbergia that darken with age, this species tends to form a yellow patina.

Fine texture, machines well and turns well.  Specific Gravity: ????. Avg. Dry Weight:  ??? pounds per cubic foot.

Used to make: Ming and Qing Dynasty furnature (exceptionally rare as they were made solely for the the elite in Chinese society. One of the most expensive woods in the world if sources from dynastic furniture.


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