Monday, March 4, 2013

Hard Maple (Acer Saccharum)

Status: Secure and widely available.

Other Common Names: Suger Maple, Rock Maple

Widely distributed throughout Eastern North America, these members of the Sapindaceae family (Acer) can grow to 80-115 feet in height and 2-3 feet in diameter. These trees are also valued for the sap which is used to make Maple Syrup.

Pale Brown in color. Figuring can include Birdseye, fiddleback, spaulting, and burls.

Fine texture, machines well and turns beautifully, but can burn if worked too fast.  Specific Gravity: .56-.71. Avg. Dry Weight:  44 pounds per cubic foot.

Used to make: Kitchen Items including countertops, Furniture.
Stabilized Spaulted Maple

Quilted Maple

Spaulted Maple

Birdseye Maple

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