Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Rosewoods (Dalbergia)

A list and description of the different varieties of Dalbergia that I use in the shop. All the Traditional Rosewoods are of the Dalbergia family. I use the word "Traditional" Rosewood instead of the generally used "True" Rosewood because the only disqualifier from being a "True" Rosewood that I've been able to corner is that "Traditionally" some woods were not referred to as "True" Rosewoods such as African Blackwood. As far as I can tell is has all the characteristics of the "True" Rosewoods except that it was never called a "True" Rosewood by the "Powers that Be", whomever they are or were.  I'm not sure how a new variety of Dalbergia could become a "True" Rosewood given that it would not have the "Tradition" behind it. So, I will  refrain from using the "Traditional" term of "True" Rosewood, opting to call them "Traditional" Rosewoods.

African Blackwood (with sapwood) - Dalbergia Melanoxylon

Bois De Rose - Dalbergia Maritima

African Blackwood Burl - Dalbergia Melanoxylon

Burmese Rosewood - Dalbergia Olivera

Burmese Blackwood - Dalbergia Cultrate

Cochinchin Rosewood - Dalbergia Cochinchinensis

Mexican Cocobolo - Dalbergia Retusa

Cocobolo Burl - Dalberia Retusa

Honduras Cocobolo - Dalbergia Retusa

East Indian Rosewood - Dalbergia Latifolia

Mexican Cocobolo Burl - Dalbergia Retusa

Hauli - Dalbergia Odorifera

Honduras Rosewood Burl - Dalbergia Stevensonii

Tulipwood - Dalbergia Frutescans

Madagascar Rosewood - Dalbergia Madagascarensis

Kingwood - Dalbergia Cearensis

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