Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Narra [Amboyna Burl] (Pterocarpus Indicus)

Status: Vulnerable (Threatened) and widely available.

Other Common Names: Malay Padauk

Found in Southeast Asia, this member of the Fabaceae family (Pterocarpus) grows to 60-100 feet in height and 3-5 feet in diameter.

Sapwood is a creamy white while the heartwood is Golden Brown to Reddish Brown.

Dense with small pores, machines well and turns beautifully  Specific Gravity: .54-.65. Avg. Dry Weight: 41 pounds per cubic foot.

Spicy smell when cut/turned. Takes a finish easily.Sanding dust can contaminate lighter woods if not careful.

Used to make Cabinetry and furniture.

Burl forms referred to as Amboyna are common. Used for interior of luxury Autos.

Amboyna Burl


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