Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Burl Woods

Burls (or Burrs in Europe) are growths that form on trees. These growths contain a gnarled twisted grain pattern that can also have what are referred to as "eyes". They are by far some of the most interesting woods visually. Burling is possible on all trees, but some are extremely rare. Some may say that certain species of trees will not burl, but I think that is simply a rule that's waiting to be broken.

Here is just a small selection of burls to display the vast character that these woods can have.
Briar Burl commonly used in fine pipes.

Cocobolo Burl, one of the rarest in the world.

African Blackwood Burl

Desert Ironwood Burl

Dragon's Blood Amboyna Burl

Honduras Rosewood Burl

Red Mallee Burl

Russian-Olive Burl

Teak Burl

I did not include dyed burls on this page. Please see Dyed Woods for a listing of those.

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